Dob in a dud

April 2010

Ever found an organic product you thought was a little suss? Couldn’t find a certification logo? Or it just somehow didn’t “smell” right. I know I have and it irks me. There are so many good organic farmers/producers out there trying to do the right thing and some sleaze comes along and just bungs the word “organic” on a product and hopes to get away with. Not any more, folks. Look up there in the sky — is it an organic bird? Is it an environmentally sensitive plane? No, it’s the Organic Crusader and she’s here to protect the real organic farmers. If you do spot something dodgy, go to and follow the prompts to the Organic Crusader. She will “actively seek out and scrutinise false and misleading claims” and post her finding on the site. Oh, thank you, Organic Crusader, you’re our heroine.

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