Cotton Duck

June 2010

Nope, not a tent but a new restaurant in — you guessed it — Surry Hills (50 Holt Street)  run by one of our favourite Sydney cooks, Jared Ingersoll (Dank Street Depot). Now, I’ve already eaten there before it opened (and it won’t be opening until the end of July, but worth a heads-up). A bunch of us ate in the building site, with the kitchen partitioned off by sheets of plywood with wiring hanging from the ceiling. Good fun and terrific food, an example of Jared being clever without being chemical. One dish — Lettuce & Pancetta with Green Stuff — he claimed to have thought up when turning his compost. Fish & Chips was a chunk of roasted blue-eye with a puree of smoked blue-eye, a couple of  tiny little crisp-like chips and white onion tartare sauce. Jared proves you can experiment and be original without using liquid hydrogen. One reason for the strange name is the renovated building it’s in used to be the Levi’s Sydney office. And the cook likes duck. No phone yet, but look out for the website

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