Christmas/New Year’s Eve tips

December 2009

As always, Newton’s golden rule for eating out on New Year’s Eve is: don’t. And for Christmas eating, check out the Restaurant Doctor and you’ll find quite a few choices that have been offered to readers. And now for a couple of gift ideas.

First, there’s Chef’s Armoury (251 Botany Road, Rosebery, Ph 9699 2353), a new chef’s supply shop that caters for the keen home cook and stocks a wide range of Japanese hardware — including knives — and foodstuffs with hard-to-get things such as pure wasabe (not horseradish), organic shoyu, dashi.

And next, an offer from Wine Odyssey (corner Argyle & Harrington Streets, The Rocks, Ph 1300 136 498, visit What is it? It’s a wine bar, it’s a wine store and it’s a champion of great Australian wine. They’re offering membership of their club, which bestows many benefits on winelovers, for just $25 — which is cancelled out by $25 worth of credit when you buy wine in-store. A terrific gift for the friend/lover/husband/wife/mother/father et cetera who loves their wine. Check out the website.

And finally, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Eid — and all the best to the atheists for a good holiday season and a rewarding and constructive new year.

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