Chocolate classes

December 2009

One of our favourite food shops in Sydney is the utterly eccentric and delicious Blackamoor (75 The Kingsway, Kingsgrove, Ph 9150 8443) run by the ditto Dylan Roden.

One of the few things you can do with a broken arm is learn about chocolate — and nougat — which I did one Sunday last month in the kitchen at Blackamoor, and even an old know-all like me can learn a few things from a French-trained chocolatier like Mme Roden. Do you really know what tempering means? And how do you tell when chocolate is tempered? And why do you need to have two lots of temperatures to make nougat? If only maths was so delicious, I’d be a physicist.

After the Sunday classes there’s a light breakfast and a roast lunch, and after the Monday night classes, dinner. Go to for details.

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