Chippendale goes feral

September 2008

You don’t get more inner city than Chippo, which makes their first Food For The Future Fair on October 11 (Peace Park, Myrtle and Pine Streets) even more interesting. Local resident and sustainability coach Michael Mobbs and his neighbours have been planting food trees, herbs and vegies in Myrtle Street for some time now, and this has now grown into a happening day with Reg Mombassa’s Dog Trumpet Band playing along as you help plant 200 fruit trees in the nature strips, buy boxes of fruit and veg direct from local Sydney farmers and a whole lot more.

Michael has been up to the Hawkesbury and sourced local farmers to supply boxes of fruit and veg delivered to residents weekly. As a bit of a comparison, he decided to buy the same produce as one delivery from Coles at Broadway. The result? Fresh from the farm $25; Coles Broadway (identical produce) $52.98. Now, how on earth did that happen? Come to the Chippo fair and Michael will show you how to start your own local farmers’ food box system.

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