March 2008

Now, when a French cheese expert says our goat cheeses are 'spectacular' and wants to take one of them back to France, we're probably finally getting over those cultural cringers who say our cheeses aren't up to scratch (gidday Downesy, how you going?). The distinguished guest judge, Yves Boutonnat, singled out for praise most especially a cheese from Sutton Grange Organic Farm in Victoria. The brand is Holy Goat and the cheese is called La Luna. Remember that name and seek it out. It's a white mould goat cheese (sort of goat cheese brie) with the most wonderful, clean, rich flavour. One of the judges, Russell Smith, told of trying it earlier and crying 'because it was so good!'… cheese people are weird like that. It won Champion in the Sheep, Goat and Buffalo Milk section. Other big winners included King Island Bass Strait Blue and good old Bega Cheddar.

M. Boutonnat made a most interesting speech at the awards lunch, at which he brought up the taboo (at least in Australia) subject of raw milk, observing with a straight face that it was a great asset in image-making and to immune systems - to mutters from old pasteurised milk supporters.

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