Bodies vs bok choy

August 2010

Another dodgy move by the dodgiest government in the country, the NSW Labor Government. There are Chinese market gardeners in Bunnerong Road, La Perouse. The gardens have been there since 1859 and are heritage-listed. Some historians believe that Count La Perouse first planted there to provide food for his voyage back to France, probably in 1788. But, once again (it was last tried in 2008), there are moves afoot to resume 60 per cent of the current gardens to the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Cemetery Trust. So the deal is, out with the food and in with the bodies. The Trust has promised to relocate the farmers — a bit of an empty gesture when there is no more farmland in the metropolitan area (apart from the other market gardens at Rockdale). And, of course, there’s a good deal of moolah involved. The state government has already gone into the funeral business in Maroubra and is selling plots there for $7000+. And there’s a Labor ex-parliamentarian in the deal — Gary Punch is lobbying for the Trust. And the final nail in the coffin for the scheme we would hope is that when the Department of Lands assessed the land in 2008, they found it unsuitable for cemetery use.

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