Bodacious bivalves

August 2009

Oysters. If you love ’em (and I do), nothing more needs to be said. If not, go to the next item. Manta (6 Cowper Wharf Road Woolloomooloo, Ph 9332 3822) has changed hands since chef Steve Manfredi turned it into an Italian seafood restaurant — the menu changed with the day’s catch — but the chef he put in place, Daniel Hughes, is still there and new owner Rob Rubis (who bought it from Coast’s Tim Connell) has kept up the tradition of freshly shucked oysters and has now added an Oyster & Raw Bar, serving succulent bivalves like the Claire de Lune Bouton from Batemans Bay, Coffin Bay Pacifics and Sydney rocks from wherever they’re best at the time. A gorgeous place to slip a live oyster down the throat with a flinty Riesling.

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