Big rig not so big

August 2009

You might remember in last month’s column I told you about Big Rig (321 Oxford Street, Ph 9332 3187), billed as a truckstop diner. Thrilled at the idea of booths, burgers and hot dogs, we fronted up there one night a few weeks ago after seeing a friend’s daughter sing at The Supper Club in what used to be the daggy old Oxford Tavern (where, many years ago, I saw Radio Birdman).

First, it’s tiny — four, five booths is all. What there is of it looks good but the food ... well, for someone who loves diner food, it just doesn’t cut the American mustard. Nice enough burger (without fries), bangers and mash with watery (instant?) mash, and the dessert pies are small slices for $9.50. If you’re a diner lover, leave your expectations at the door, but it’s still a fun joint. My 21-year-old daughter, who has been living in New York, agrees with me about several things, but still likes it. She reckons the time for the diner in Sydney has come — one day someone will do it proper. About the best shot so far, I reckon, was the Hard Rock Café. Isn’t that coming back?

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