Big fat Greek adventure

April 2008

orry, when will we stop using “big” and “fat” in front of everything Greek? I will never do it again. Promise. That busy woman from the Greekalicious cooking school, Maria Berardis, is taking a lucky group on a Greek island culinary tour going where no others go, exploring an ancient monastery in Crete, shopping at the Agora (marketplace) in Athens and “feasting on freshly caught seafood in my hometown, Psara”. Sounds like a lot of fun. It leaves Athens on September 8, and finishes there on the 26th. Call 9331 0734 or go to for details and prices.

To Spain with Jose

I met a charming bloke called Jose Blanco at a dinner the other night. Jose loves his food and his wine and his home country, Spain. He’s a banker - don’t hold that against him - but also runs the Blanco Touring Company. In June 2009 (think ahead) he’s taking a group on a cultural and gastronomical adventure through northern Spain, a part I know quite well. It’s a thoughtful, fascinating and delicious itinerary at an incredibly reasonable price. Go to for details

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