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January 2010

You might remember the very beautiful old house right on the point overlooking Blackwattle Bay in Glebe. In September 2008, this column noted that, having spent a fortune renovating it for use as a restaurant, the City of Sydney rejected an application from the Tea Room’s Manuel Spinola to install another Tea Room there: problems with resident objections were cited. Since then, it has sat forlornly and expensively empty, gathering graffiti. Recently, we saw a DA notice on the door and enquiries have turned up some interesting information. Property consultants Urbis have produced a Development Proposal for the building, and have worked through all the objections — lack of parking, too much noise etc — and have made a recommendation to council that it be put out for tender as a daytime café with a limited licence primarily to service locals and those using the walkway around the foreshore. It is not to be, the report states, a “destination location”. Not sure how you police that. Locals will remember the Glebe Point Diner opening with exactly the same intentions only to attract punters from all over town. We’ll watch further developments with interest. Anyone interested in putting in an application to lease should, I’d guess, live locally.

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