Anyone for luderick?

May 2009

If you care about the sustainability of our wild fisheries (and you should — they’re under a lot of pressure) you should think a little carefully about what you buy next time you walk into the Sydney Fish Market or your local fishmonger or order fish from a menu. The real problem is there’s a lot of disagreement and argy-bargy about what’s sustainable and what’s not. The Nature Conservation Council has cut through the carp (definitely not sustainable) and come up with a system that sounds, unfortunately, like one of those waiters who congratulate you on your order: Nice Choice. That aside, it’s a good idea, and if you go to the website (, you’ll find a list of fish which, after consultation with industry, government, scientists and conservationists, have been given the go-ahead for the table.

Not only does the site give you the names of the approved seafood, it gives you cooking advice and recipes from such cooks as Sydney Pemberton, Jared Ingersoll and George Francisco. And if you don’t find these fish at your fish shop or favourite fish restaurant, ask why not.

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