And still they come

June 2010

Yes, folks, it’s not just a new Ingersoll but yet another swisho in the city: Capital Grill (The Gateway, 1 Macquarie Place, Sydney, Ph 9247 9113). Pot pusher Zac Sykes has a good pedigree, having worked for Neil Perry and under David Rainer at Berardo’s (my favourite Noosa restaurant) and Peter Conistis and Steve Hodges — and the place looks very good. The menu looks enticing and there’s a tapas wine bar, which might be a good way to check it out.

And in East Sydney, on the increasingly curious Stanley Street — anyone remember when it was Italian? — in a site that has had more owners than a dud racehorse, is Stanley Street Station (Corner Crown & Stanley, Ph 9331 5375). It’s a nice-looking joint with comfy couches and big windows out on to the street, so maybe this one might stick in spite of the press release that told me it “draws upon the notion of psychogeography which aspires freely to the utopia of unitary urbanism …” and on and on. Pardon me if I gag.

Listed are two chef/owners: Greg Vankuyk and Hari Chauhan; designer Amy Yongsiri; and manager Bec Foley. But no one is fessing up to writing the release (say it wasn’t you, Bec). We walked past when it had just opened — on the way elsewhere — and it looked inviting. They’ve invented a couple of cocktails for the Vivid Festival, one of which, the Lou Reed, inexplicably contains nothing illegal but does end

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