A fair-dinkum farmers' market

April 2010

There are, as you know, a lot of “farmers’ markets” around Sydney, most of them with stalls piled with stuff from Flemington. We know of one or two that favour fair-dinkum farmers: Eveleigh at Redfern and the Warwick Farm Trackside Market. As of April 17, and every Saturday from then on, there’s a new one, Sydney Sustainable Markets at Taylor Square and Forbes Street, Darlinghurst. The people running this market, Jaqui Briggs and Cathy Wills, have set up a 100-point system to ensure that everybody in the market really is who they say they are. To qualify you have to get 100 points. Farmers/owners/gardeners get 60 points for fresh or raw produce, 30 for certified organic/biodynamic and 50 if they’re within 160km of the GPO.

It’s interesting to note that the Victorian Farmers’ Market Association is accrediting its first markets in May under a system that ensures your dollars go straight to the farmer and back to the regional community. It would be nice to think that system will come to NSW soon.

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