17 years of long lunches

February 2010

roof that time flies when you’re having fun, the Lovedale Long Lunch at several wineries in this part of the Hunter is now a teenager — hope it’s a lot better behaved than some 17-year-olds, whose names I won’t mention. The website www.lovedalelonglunch.com.au will tell you how to long lunch (just hang in there and pace yourself is my contribution), where to go and how to get around without losing your licence — there are many options. Participating wineries and restaurants include Gartelmann Hunter Estate, Chez Pok restaurant, Emma’s Cottage Vineyard and Amanda’s Restaurant and Wandin Valley Estate and BelPosto. It’s not until May 15 and 16, but if you want to go, better book early — and I’m sure your dance card is filling up even now.

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