Book Reviews

Gennaro's Italian Home Cooking

Author: Gennaro Contaldo

Publisher: Headline

RRP: $65

From Gennaro Contaldo, the chef who taught Jamie Oliver everything he knows about Italian food, comes this latest offering designed to give you a feel for not simply cooking but entertaining Italian style.


Table Talk - Sweet and Sour, Salt and Bitter

Author: A.A. Gill

Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolso

RRP: $55

You know in broad terms how you'll respond to most of the books reviewed here. You might grow hungry, you might get excited about visiting a particular country for its cuisine or you might dash out to buy a fabulous ceramic tagine.


White’s Great British Feast

Author: Marco Pierre White

Publisher: Orion Books

RRP: $55

The increasing importance we’re all putting on knowing where our food comes from seems to have spawned a new breed of chef: the type who wants it known he’s not afraid to kill what he eats.


A Late Dinner: Discovering the Food of Spain

Author: Paul Richardson

Publisher: Bloomsbury

RRP: $24.95

How much do you know about Spanish food? Apart from paella and gazpacho and tapas and maybe manchego cheese? By now, jamón, too


Seasons of Sicily

Author: Natalia Ravida

Publisher: New Holland Publisher

RRP: $39.95

One of the most sublime food experiences I have had in my father's native Sicily (or anywhere, really) was sfincione straight from the oven at the rustic bakery in the tiny tuna-fishing village of Scopello.


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