Book Reviews


Author: Tessa Kiros

Publisher: : Murdoch Books

RRP: $59.95

Who wouldn't want this cookbook author's job? Go and spend some time in one of the world's most fabulous cities, learn about its culture...


Live & Cookin’ @ Lizotte’s Restaurant: Fine food with a Musical Mood

Author: Brian Lizotte

Publisher: New Holland Publishers

RRP: $49.95

One-time caterer to the famous and these days to the fans of the famous, restaurateur Brian Lizotte sums it up when he says, “What a pleasure my job is ..


Cooking in 10 Minutes

Author: Eduard de Pomiane

Publisher: Serif, London

RRP: $19.95

Eduard de Pomiane was originally a scientist and an expert in his day on nutrition and food chemistry, but don't let his daunt you. He is a delight to read regardless of whether you ever cook any of his recipes.


Lucio’s Ligurian Kitchen

Author: Lucio Galletto & David Dale

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

RRP: $65

Like the fascination savvy diners have with regional, as distinct from generic, Italian restaurants, this beautifully produced hardback delights with its disciplined focus just on the food of Liguria.


The Blue Ribbon Cookbook

Author: Liz Harfull

Publisher: Wakefield Press

RRP: $39.95

This cute little book from curious and adventurous South Australian publisher Wakefield Press is also, for this reviewer, just a little irritating. Let me explain.


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