From the pages of Eatstreets

Author: Matthew Evans

Publisher: Murdoch Books

The Real Food Companion

18 March 2010.
Reviewed by Kerry Boyne

s Matthew Evans our answer to Britain’s Jamie Oliver? He, too, is a professional chef who, through his food writing and television show, Gourmet Farmer, has become a campaigner for ethical food produced in ways that are kind to the environment, our bodies, the animals we eat, the farmers who raise them and, importantly, our tastebuds. He may not have Jamie’s global reach or electrifying personality, but this book is a wonderful achievement, bursting with fascinating information on the provenance, traditions and future of the foods we love. What is mascarpone and why isn’t it cheese? What flour makes the best bread? What is wet-aged meat? The answers are found in the 575 pages, along with handy explanations of how to store eggs and seafood, why some fruit won’t ripen once picked and much more. Plus, there are all the recipes you need to put good, clean, flavoursome, real food on the table

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