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Author: Jacques Reymond


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Cuisine du Temps

30 November 1999.
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Renowned French chef Jacques Reymond has been pleasing Melbourne palates for years. He migrated from France in 1983 and brought with him the joie de vivre he experienced so many years ago when he discovered his passion for cooking at his family’s Hotel du Nord, in Cuiseaux, France, when he was only 11 years old.

While his heritage is French, Reymond bases many of his dishes on Asian cuisine and uses his French training in their creation, which comes across in his beautifully presented cookbook. Just some of his recipes here include an appetiser of mudcrab in coconut milk, Peking duck consommé, hoisin-glazed rabbit and potatoes boulangères, and chocolate soufflé with chocolate icecream.

Being the sweet-tooth I am — and having watched many an episode of MasterChef — I decided to try the soufflé for a dinner party I was hosting. And a good thing I decided to make it for friends, too, because I found the more hands on deck to make this, the merrier, particularly when it came to dusting the ramekins before adding the mixture. I can confidently say, however, that all eight diners present for dessert were wowed by the soufflé, even if it did sink ever so slightly.

It was my first soufflé, so I was pleasantly surprised by my efforts and will be trying again in the near future to see if I can perfect it. Or perhaps I’ll try the raspberry bavarois with coconut sorbet and almond tuile … OK, I might be getting ahead of myself here, but after reading the recipe I think I can do it. That’s the beauty of this book: it’s great for professionals but just as useful for the home chef.

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